Married To Marketing is a business owner’s relationship guide to their business. In the book, the author creates a parallel between tradition courtship and business in a way that is both revealing and easy to understand. By calling on common relationship practices that are easily recognizable, the book creates the opportunity for several a-ha moments in business professionals.

Married To Marketing uses real life examples and Hollywood presentations to walk through business communication practices, explain the commitment, and explore the “why” behind it all to help with understanding while providing processes and best practices that are universal for businesses.

For business owners, entrepreneurs, and other professionals that are looking for an in-depth understanding of the marketing process and the relative business commitment to your customers as it is correlated to the relationships of people.

Most everyone understands the fundamental basics of courtship and companionship through marriage in our society. B. Zachary Bennett takes this relationship and draws insightful parallels with building and growing a business. The book shares information and explanations in a very understandable manner. Some of the topics include:

The Core of Marketing • Business Planning • Customer Targeting • Brand Development
Messaging • The Relationship Between Sales & Marketing • Strategic Planning • The Business Launch • And Much More…