M2M Workbook

For those looking for a hands-on, companion piece to MARRIED TO MARKETING by B. Zachary Bennett, this workbook is designed to walk you through the processes and questions shared in M2M in a way that is specific for you and your own business.

• Guided Processes • Expanded Discussion
• Checklists • Schedules • Results Tracking
• Thought Provoking Questions • Brand Development • Strategic Planning • Message Development • And Much More…

MARRIED TO marketing

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A Relationship Guide To Business

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I love the whole analogy. It’s super smart and makes a lot of sense to me.

– agency creative


I feel like this is a labor of love. It is a real effort to help people understand business and marketing’s role in it. I know it can be confusing to some. Zachary’s taken steps to try and break it down in a great comparison.

– Alexis


I don’t like to read, but I’m looking forward to the audio book. Anything I can learn from while working out.

– Roger

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