B. Zachary Bennett has been a big proponent of understanding and pro-activity in the business community. With his background in marketing for Fortune 500 companies, he continually supports the business community as a business consultant, an agency professional, author, the host of Straight Line marketing podcast, and a keynote speaker for relative business groups and associations.

Author’s Story & Bio

B. Zachary Bennett started as a creative individual at a very young age – writing his first song at age six. By the time he was a teenager, he was recording music and playing live to market his music and his brand, selling albums and swag to fans. After college and becoming an adult, he turned his talents towards marketing brands through working with various marketing agencies. 

He now comes with a 25+ year career in marketing and advertising, working to grow major companies like Bank of America, The Limited, Vectren Corporation, TruGreen-ChemLawn, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Lowe’s Home Improvement, Campbell’s Foods, Victoria’s Secret, Home Depot, BP, NAPA, Cracker Barrel, Monster, and more local companies. His experience with Fortune 500 businesses provides him with a backdrop of how marketing has been perfected through these companies over the decades.

Since starting his own boutique agency in 2008, Reformation Productions, and providing his marketing expertise and skills to local and regional clients, he has dedicated his time and efforts to the pursuit of helping educate business professionals on the ways that the marketing process has been perfected by Fortune 500 companies, bringing his experience to companies in ways that they can afford. As a speaker, he provides lectures and interactive workshops throughout the South. As a podcast hosts, he broadcasts shows about how marketing impacts everyday life on Straight Shot Marketing Podcast. He is also the author of Married To Marketing, a relationship guide for business, and provide one-on-one business consultation for clients. In 2020, he also accepted an opportunity to write for the entrepreneurial business magazine Grey Journal and share his experiences and thoughts there. He is a recognized partner with SCORE and the SBDC divisions of the SBA.

The agency, Reformation Productions, is dedicated to helping companies market their businesses in the most effective and efficient ways possible with a process used by Fortune 500 companies called Straight Line Marketing. Find out more about the agency at  www.ReformationProductions.com or call 678.825.8086.

Knowledge Is Power and 

Understanding is good for business

About Straight Shot marketing Podcast

B. Zachary Bennett is a host that helps bring together frequent content via the Straight Shot marketing podcast.  It is a modern take on their popular blog that is available on Pandora, Apple Podcast, iHeart Radio, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and their own Straight Shot Marketing Podcast app in your smart phone’s app store. For more info, visit StraightShot.net

About Married to marketing

Married To Marketing is the first book from B. Zachary Bennett. It is a comparative analysis of the romantic relationship and the relationship between business, owner, and customer. It is available as paperback, ebook, and audio book formats.

About grey journal

B. Zachary Bennett was asked to start writing business articles for Grey Journal in late 2020. Grey Journal is a publication that advocates for business innovation, disruption, and entrepreneurship. They are strong proponents of passion, belief, and community contribution .

About The Agency

Reformation Productions is a full service marketing agency founded by B. Zachary Bennett in 2008. After 17 years in larger, corporate agencies working with Fortune 500 companies, Mr. Bennett decided to open up his own agency in the metro Atlanta area to serve small and regional clients that were looking to take their businesses to the next level but couldn’t afford the larger agencies that held the necessary expertise. For more info, visit ReformationPro.com

About The Straight Line Marketing process

Reformation Productions uses a more scientific, proven approach to business communications. Helping companies accomplish effective and efficient marketing by providing fresh ideas, creative design, and effective strategies that are designed to work against a backdrop of proven success in the traditions of business. PROVEN METHODS AND STRATEGIC THINKING WITH NEW TECHNOLOGY AND CREATIVE. For more information, visit StraightLineMarketingProcess.com



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