Answers to a few common questions about the author and the Married To Marketing project.

How did you decide to relate business with marriage/relationships?

Aside from being a business man, I am a father. I often try to help my children navigate their ways through relationships and growing up in hopes that they can learn from my experience and bypass some of my mistakes. But it was my wife Jennifer that prompted the thought that birthed the book. Aside from being the final, trusted hand that nudged me towards writing the book, she hosts the Straight Shot marketing podcast with me and one of her ideas to name the show was “Married To Marketing” because our business is very intersected with our relationship. Working together, we end up discussing branding and business communications quite often in our off time as well. While we decided on a different name for the podcast, I liked the phrase. Then while considering what the phrase “Married To Marketing” could mean early one morning, I saw the parallels and began to sketch them out on paper… and the book’s concept was born. I showed her my outline that morning and she again began to encourage me to move forward with the book. I tell you, there is nothing better than having a good woman. She is my immortal beloved.

I would like to book B. Zachary Bennett for a speaking engagement, whom should I contact?

The booking engagement form is at bzacharybennett.com/booking or you can address speaking inquiries to booking@bzacharybennett.com.

What is B. Zachary Bennett's set up as a speaker?

Zachary prefers to have access to a large monitor or projection screen so he can share his presentations visually with the audience. He prefers a hand-held mic to lavalier. Generally speaking, he normally brings someone with him to video the event as well. This provides him with social media content and a way for participants to review the presentation afterwards, therefore being able to stay present during the event.

I would like to interview B. Zachary Bennett, whom should I contact?

Please address media, press, and publicity inquiries info@chantelarpublishing.com

How do I get a signed copy of your book?

Signed copies are available for direct sale here on the website or at speaking events and appearances.

Who should read your book?

Married To Marketing was written to help business owners, entrepreneurs, and other professionals gain a better understanding of the thinking and processes behind business communications through a comparison with marriage and personal relationships – something most all people can relate to in one way or another.

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