We’ve been working on creating the new book “Married To Marketing.”  As many of you may know, I’ve been a key note speaker and podcast host for quite sometime now, in addition to my duties at Reformation Productions. As a frequent speaker, I’ve been asked several times if I had written down my thoughts and teachings in a book…. and I hadn’t. Then one afternoon after teaching a seminar at the Gwinnett Chamber, my wife followed up and asked me to take it serious… and told me that she too thought that I should write a book as well.

 I woke one morning in August 2019 and I began to write the opening paragraphs on my iphone. By the time my wife had awaken, I had a few paragraphs that included a theme and synopsis for the book. She read it and thought it was good. So I said “ok, let’s do this.”  Being an author is not foreign to me, I have a good friend of mine that is a fiction author and I helped publish a book for a client several years ago. But I knew it would take time. Time that I didn’t have. So I made a promise to myself to take my time, work on it only in the evenings and on weekends so it wouldn’t interrupt client work. Thus the journey began… I hope it brings value to you. I am going to journal here in the blog from time to time as we go through the process of writing and publishing the book. So please keep in touch here and on social media at http://www.fb.com/marriedtomarketing