COVID-19 (the Corona Virus) has the country on pause. The majority of Americans have self-quarantined themselves in their homes. Those that can are working from home. Small Business are breathing their last breath all around us. I sent out a message to the small business community via social media to let them know to be strong, have faith, and that relief was in the works. I have listed several resources at where financial assistance can be found during this time.

SCORE cancelled by April event due to the C19 pandemic. I am going to have a virtual presentation on the subject via Reformation Production’s facebook live – on the day. Connect with me on for more information as to when that will be happening.

In the book journey, we’ve developed the concept and script for the book trailer. C19 is going to make it difficult to get into production, but I think the spot will be good if we can get it done. There is a lot of work on the book journey that can be completed in isolation but other elements are definitely being impacted by the pandemic. More to come on that as we get closer. Be on the look out for behind the scenes elements on

We’ve gotten the final proofing completed for the print book. Those same revisions are being made to the ebook. And the audio book is in post production. So things are moving along.

Stay safe my friends.